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Locked Doors and Windows Are Not Enough!!
Welcome to the web-presence of Rhino Security Products, a synonym of high security windows and doors in the United States. Our team has over 20 years of experience with security impact windows and doors in residential and commercial projects.

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As we experienced, one of the most important questions to answer when you build a home or move into it, is if you, your property and your family are safe. You should understand that the ordinary
locking of your windows and doors is not enough to keep out intruders.

Our goal is to avert you from coming into an extreme situation at home as you are suddenly surprised by the sound of shattering glass. The alarm that you relied on so much does not go off and you are trapped with a skilled criminal in your own house. It is no secret that forced entry items, as the police would use, are now readily available from online suppliers. Rhino Security Products mission is to prevent you from asking: “Why didn’t I…?”

By investing now into our superb high security windows and doors, you will protect your property and loved ones for the future.

Alarms Can Be Disarmed or Avoided Altogether!

While an alarm is one of many security systems you can have installed in your home, they don’t keep windows from being broken or doors from being pried open.

Some professional criminals are able to get into homes without even setting off a burglar alarm system.

Many systems have battery back-up that may work for a while, however, under extreme circumstances — power outages or worse — these batteries can only last so long. Also, these systems require monitoring and law enforcement response teams that might not be available or might be overloaded in a serious catastrophic event.

Help May Be On the Way – But Your Family Needs Protection NOW!

The most vulnerable part of your home are the windows and doors. They usually have a large area of easily breakable glass. If you’ve seen a baseball smash through the thin panel of a standard glass window, what chance does it have against a desperate and possible violent intruder who is determined to get into your home and do harm.

It doesn’t pay to cut corners where your family’s safety is concerned!

Your satisfaction is very dear to us, which is why we have worked hard to archive a reputation of honesty, reliability, and professionalism.

Offering a selection of only the latest, cutting edge security impact windows and doors in the industry, we pledge to give our clients products that are smooth to operate and enhance the look of your building. Featuring strong materials, you will receive security products that combine durability with design innovation.

Maximum Protection Proven by the following High Performance Tests:

  • Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) and Military Bomb Blast Protection
  • Forced Entry Test, Per FBC 2411 3.2.1 TAS 202-94
  • ASTM E1886 / ASTM E1996 Per FBC, TAS 201-94 Large and Small Missile Impact Tested
  • Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading Per FBC, TAS 203-94 ASTM E1886 / E1996
  • Approved by the Strict Codes of Miami-Dade County and Florida State Building Codes
  • Quality Assurance Certified Miami Date Department of Permitting, Environment and Regulatory (PERA)
  • HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) Approved
  • Texas Department of Insurance Approved
  • Uniform Status Air Pressure Test, Loading Per FBC, TAS 202-94
  • Water Resistance Test, Per FBC, TAS 202-94
  • ASTM F 1642 Tested; GSA TS01
  • WDMA / CSA 101 / I.S.2
  • AAMA A440
  • Acoustical Certifications; STC (Sounds Transmittance Class)
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Exceptionally Energy Efficiency with Argon Gas
  • Superior Design Pressures
  • NFRC Approved
  • R -5 Super Insulating Rating by the National Fenestration Rating Council
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) as Low as 0.05
  • U-Values as Low as 0.18

Your Home Needs Protection

Because we care about the well-being of our clients, we find it crucial to inform you of what you might be up against. Rhino Security Products has a line of security impact windows and doors available for you. Their sophisticated design is far superior to standard windows that can be smashed using unprofessional tools like a baseball-bat. In fact, high security windows and doors fix what is otherwise the easiest entry options into your home. Being that many, possibly violent, intruders can purchase an arsenal of professional break-in tools and know how to disarm an alarm system; you are responsible of finding other ways of protecting your family.You should also know that Rhino Security Products would never use inferior materials for the framework which can sometimes also be a way of entry.security impact windows

Holding Up Against the Forces of Nature

Who hasn’t seen the pictures of entire states and countries stocking up their batteries, canned food and other supplies when hurricanes or tornados are marching closer? Most likely you have found yourself or your family counting down the hours until the worse was over during a mega-storm. Would you really feel comfortable to set your family out for the same trauma every year and the fear of flying debris hitting the glass and hurting someone inside?

Our High Security Windows and Doors are Tougher!!!

Security impact windows may crack with a strong direct hit but it will not shatter; leaving you protected. Engineered to fulfill the strict building codes of hurricane struck Florida, our high security windows and doors will protect you from Water Infiltration, Strong Winds, Intruders and Flying Debris. They can withstand 150 mph and category 5 winds. Some of our products are so tough that they are even professionally tested to withstand a Bomb Blast. We even did our own “Try-Out” and shot several 9 millimeter Rounds onto the glass and it didn’t go through*.

But Rhino also insisted of using products with additional Intrusion Resistant Layers. Featuring High Security Interlayers, you will never have to worry about shuttering glass with your purchase.

We invite you to read more about our products and services on our highly educating website. We have made sure to leave no questions open to you. Our philosophy, unlike other much less transparent security products distributors, is, to give you as much information as possible so you can make a wholehearted decision.

Have the Rhino experience on your project and please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

If you have found us from abroad, do not worry, we also offer export services.

Don’t let the peace of your home life be violated by outside threats. Help your loved ones feel safer at home, day and night.

*Security impact windows are not an approved bullet-proof glass.